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In the beginning years, morning assembly was held in the school hall. as the Headmaster strode up the stairs leading to the stage, where the teachers were seated in a semi circle, the Colour Captain (or House Captain) on duty would step on to the “Castle”. The “Castle” was a platform about one and half feet high and yard a square. It had four massive but beautifully carved legs, and a couple of steps led up to it. The “Castle” was placed immediately in front of the stage on the cement floor. In his hand the Colour Captain held a wand ended in a knob on whic was mounted a trophy which the Colour or House has won. The trophy was usually in the form of a statute. The Colour Captain led the boys in reciting “The Compass” and in singing the “Colour Song".

The value of this ceremony cannot be expressed more briefly than  in the  words of our  founding  headmaster, Mr E. La M.

Stowell; “As, in Malaya, the boys have so many regions, I think something, like the Compass or Statement, is the best kind of substitute we can give them for good, shared, basic ethical purpose with which to start the day.” Moreover he said, “They lend solemnity, and a little ceremony and formality to the opening of the School Day”


It is.....

- It is our bounden duty to uphold the Honour of the School at all times and in all places, noth now as boys and later as men and old boys. The Honour of the School will not be upheld by talking or writing. It is by his conduct that a man is judged: his deeds speaks louder than words, and in a little exampl persuadeth more than precept.

- From the School more is to be learnt than the wisdom of books: the conduct of a good man and true may be learnt at school.

- A good man and true scorns to succeed by means that a re dishonest. He never gives in, he never admits defeat. After being punished or blamed, he does not sulk or complain. He never deerts his friends, his Colour or his School under any circumstances. Above all he will stand up for the king, the king who keeps his enemies beyond boundaries within which we live and without which, mud\rder, oppression, amine and robbery would stalk through province. To him while we shelter beneath his flag, gratitude and goodness demand our outspoken loyalty.


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