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A School by the Bukit
A High School Bukit Mertajam Song

In the land that is north,

There's an old great school we hear,

Famous sons and daughters have sailed forth,

borne their honour far and near.

Some have fought and conquered 'dragons',

others nature's secrets won.

Here within out sunkist province

Deeds are waiting to be done.

At the high school by the Bukit where Mertajam lies her plain.

Rears her head the boys are ready,

to face danger, conquer pain.

To the future we'll preserve.

with these proud words as our guide

Aut Coepisse Noli Aut Confice

We'll take everything in stride, Everyday you'll see us toil,

without grouse without whine.

And everybody you'll see us stand tall,

till the sun has ceased to shine.

Everyday, you'll see us stand tall, till the sun has ceased to shine


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